Classes with Matteo

Beginner’s class: Every Monday, 6-8 p.m., from Sept. 11 to Nov. 27 [NOTE: THIS CLASS IS NOW FULL. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST FOR INFO ON OTHER UPCOMING CLASSES.]

Cost: $350

In collaboration with the North End Music and Performing Arts Center

Elementary class: Every Tuesday, 6-8 p.m., from Sept. 19 to Dec. 5
Cost: $350

(Prerequisite: Subject Pronouns, Present Tense (-are, -ere and -ire verbs, regular and some irregular forms), verb Piacere, adverbs of frequency, definite and indefinite articles, numbers 1-100, nouns and adjectives (singolar / plural and agreement), simple prepositions (a, di, in, con, da), Bene vs Buono, modal verbs, articulated prepositions, the word CI meaning THERE, the word MOLTO, time and dates.)