Nicola Orichuia (left) and Jim Pinzino.
Nicola Orichuia (left) and Jim Pinzino.

I AM Books is the country’s first Italian American bookstore.

Situated in the heart of the North End, Boston’s iconic Italian neighborhood, the bookstore serves as a cultural hub for locals and visitors interested in diving into the rich world of Italian and Italian American literature, history, research, art and more. Labeled as an “Italian American cultural hub,” I Am Books allows visitors to connect with each other and immerse themselves in Italian and Italian American culture through book signings, small concerts and other events.

Located at 189 North Street, right across the street from the historic Paul Revere House and a few steps away from North Square, I AM Books sells primarily fiction and non-fiction by Italian and Italian American authors, books in Italian, as well as cookbooks and books on travel, history, sports, Italian American studies and titles by local authors. The store also features a children’s section, with books, learning material, games and toys.

I AM Books is an idea and concept made possible thanks to Nicola Orichuia and Jim Pinzino.

Nicola Orichuia is an Italian-born journalist and founder (2011) and Bostoniano magazine (2013).

Jim Pinzino is a semi-retired executive and business owner who hails from the IT sector.