Book review: Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson

During the holidays in December, I had decided to read Walter Isaacson’s latest biographical undertaking: Leonardo da Vinci. Given my propensity to read several books at a time, it took me more than two months to finish this 600-page tome. But, boy, was it worth it. I’ll admit I’ve never read any of Isaacson’s other […]

The brutal, cutthroat behind-the-scenes at

I’ve been meaning to write about Amazon for some time. A recent Twitter thread by Liam O’Brien finally spurred me to put on paper my own experience with the Seattle-based company run by multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos. Shortly after opening our physical bookstore in Oct. 2015, I started thinking about selling some of our books online. […]

January is for renovations

January always brings with it renovations. Renovations of the spirit, in your house and — in our case — at I AM Books. After a sort of experimental phase, with the cash register area placed in the middle of the store’s main hall, we have decided to go back to the original spot, which is […]

Thank you Tomie!

by Nicola Orichuia With so much sad news in the world today, it’s easy to lose track of all the love and kindness that’s still out there. It was almost overwhelming how much of it was squeezed into one little bookstore for one glorious day. For three years in a row, I AM Books has […]

I AM Books reviews “Suburra”

by Nicola Orichuia Rome, what has happened to you? After reading Suburra, a new book out from Europa Editions, co-written by Carlo Bonini and Giancarlo De Cataldo, translated by Antony Shugaar and turned into a new TV series on Netflix, I was left with a sense of discomfort, as if someone had pointed a bright […]

Happy birthday, little bookstore

May the small, intimate bookstore be revived, be appreciated, and thrive!” – A lovely customer Well, little bookstore, you have just turned two. It’s hard to grasp the notion of time inside the magical box that you are. You have grown so much in these two years. When you were a baby, and we all […]

The magic that comes with reading Harry Potter

by Nicola Orichuia I’ve never waited in line to get a new book. But Harry Potter books are the closest I’ve ever gotten to doing that. The new book in the series — “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” — was recently released in the United States, and I found myself in the funny position […]