Mass Media vs. the Italian Americans


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“…Keep your filthy hands out of Atlantic City.” “…There is indeed a Mafia conspiracy, whose members are all Italians and whose henchmen operate a Syndicate that carries on the business.” The New York Times “…Like the Sicilian Mafia, Yakusa members belong to families led by a godfather…They swear to amputate one of their fingers for each mission they fail to accomplish…” Boston Globe “I read the report about how Bobby Kennedy protected me from investigation by Government agents and now realize that after five grand-jury subpoenas, two (Internal Revenue Service) investigations (which probably utilize 30 men) and a couple of subpoenas to congressional committees, if you have a close friend in high office, you don’t need any enemies.” Frank Sinatra “As far as Columbus’ descent is concerned…it is by no means certain that his parent were Italians.” C.W. Ceram “It’s proven again, for the umpteenth time, that the Vikings really did discover America before Columbus.” Daniel Cohn “American Heritage takes pride in announcing an astonishing discovery at Yale—the earliest map ever found that shows part of America. Traced to a copyist in Basel about 1440 A.D., it shows, long before Columbus, the new world lands discovered by the Norsemen. Authenticated by painstaking scholarly detective work at Yale and the British Museum, it opens the door to tantalizing historical speculations…” “Although I realize that you will not receive this news favorably, the Weston School Department has seriously considered teaching Italian and has definitely decided not to do so…” Dr. Wood “The Italian way of life cannot be considered a success except by temporary visitors. It solves no problems. It makes them worse.” Luigi Barzini


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