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In Revere Beach Elegy, Roland Merullo, author of ten novels, including Breakfast with Buddha, and three other books of nonfiction, reflects on family, friends and a series of experiences that include a stint in the Peace Corps, service in the former Soviet Union, and excursions to Europe.

The author shares his spiritual, intellectual and emotional discoveries along the way, writing about his relationship with his father, his working class upbringing and upper class education, the early years of his marriage, and the gift of children. From a severe eye injury and a broken back, to the joys of Italian travel and friendship, from poverty to abundance, adolescence to middle age, Merullo paints a life that is rich with adventure and insight.

Michael Upchurch of The Seattle Times said, “Revere Beach Elegy is an autobiography in ten essays that is sublimely refreshing it its love and generosity. Merullo’s prose, as he outlines the worlds he cherishes, has a luminous subtlety that brings alive rich layers of feeling in an immediate intelligible manner. His eye stays intently trained on how we guide ourselves through life.”

And, Publishers Weekly wrote, “Merullo writes about [the adventures] and the people and places of his life with careful reflection and painstaking kindness…”


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