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There are roads in life that your destiny obliges you to take. Anna Maria Chirone Arnò’s path to cooking is not one of these but an gesture of love. Love for her family and her land, for Salento. Since antiquity, Salento has been at the crossroads of many Mediterrean civilizations, a place where knowledge and flavors mingled to bring us what is known today as Salento Flavors. A cuisine rich with scents and textures capable of giving intense flavor to even the simplest of ingredients. Allow Anna Maria to accompany you on a voyage through her beloved Salento. This introduction to the history and traditions of her land that will leave you wanting more. More delishes dishes to prepare and enjoy with family and friends. More Baroque churches, old farmhouses, centential olive trees, and the crystal clear turquoise Mediterranean Sea. You will be so capitivated that your next vacation will be a culinary one. You will want to travel to Salento to discover this beautiful region, its people and new recipes with Anna Maria at her cooking school, Il Gusto del Tacco. Buona cucina Salentina a tutti!


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