Winter 2018 Elementary Italian I Course

Classes with Matteo Roncari

Elementary Italian I class: Every Tuesday, 6-8 p.m., from Jan. 9 to March 27, 2018

Cost: $350

Textbook (not included): Nuovo Espresso 2, published by Alma Edizioni


  • present tense (-are, -ere and -ire verbs)
  • definite and indefinite articles
  • numbers 0-100
  • dates and times
  • nouns (singular and plural and agreement with adjectives)
  • simple prepositions (a, di, in, con, da)
  • past tense “passato prossimo”
  • verb “piacere”
  • modal verbs (dovere, potere and volere)
  • superlativo assoluto and relativo
  • direct and indirect object pronouns
  • impersonal SI
  • reflexive verbs
  • possessive adjectives