Nardo: Memoirs of a Boxing Champion


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Nardo is the story of an Italian kid from Boston’s North End, and his rise through the boxing ranks to eventually become World Champ during the Golden Era of boxing. Written in his own words, Tony DeMarco shares his life story with honesty and humor. He touches upon the triumphs and tragedies that shaped him as an individual, giving you a glimpse into the life of one of Boston’s most beloved sports figures. From his humble beginning in the streets of the famous North End, to his amateur days and professional career as a world class boxer, to his days as a nightclub owner in Arizona and finally through some personal family issues, Tony’s life took a series of twists and turns. Ultimately he won the battles and, to this day, is an icon in not only Boston, but in the boxing world. Along with his life story, Tony has chosen to share many photos from his personal archive, giving you a true snapshot into the life and times of Tony DeMarco, Welterweight Champion of the World.


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